Life Entrepreneurs: creating a life of significance through opportunity recognition, innovation, and action

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Co-authored by Forward Impact’s CEO, Christopher Gergen, the nationally acclaimed book Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives is now being used by Forward Impact to offer workshops and talks on bringing the entrepreneurial mindset to every facet of life.

Life Entrepreneurs is intended for a wide-ranging audience, including: emerging leaders and budding entrepreneurs; those interested in entrepreneurial leadership, personal development, and community-building; and those contemplating or experiencing a life change, facing a challenge or crisis, or starting to think about their legacy. It is for those who are achieving success in work but have lost their way in life. It is for those who know they could be getting more out of life but aren't sure how—as well as for those who are already living a good life but want it to be great.

The premise behind this book—and its promise—is that everyone has the potential to be a life entrepreneur.

Here's what business leaders have to say:

"At last, a powerful guide to integrating life, work, purpose, and work-life balance, one of the greatest needs of leaders in all three sectors of the emerging work force. Christopher and Gregg bring a new definition, a new clarity to life entrepreneurship that will make a difference in the lives of leaders at every level. A great gift."
Frances Hesselbein, Chairman, Leader to Leader Institute, former Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of America
"Business leaders and entrepreneurs alike will greatly benefit from Life Entrepreneurs. It captures the essential qualities of leadership including finding a worthy path, being willing to fail, and taking courageous action. I highly recommend it."
Howard Schultz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Starbucks Coffee Company

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