Enabling Entrepreneurial Communities

By partnering with organizations that support their mission, Forward Impact has expanded its reach beyond its own community. Read below for more information.

HUB Raleigh:  A dynamic co-working space in downtown Raleigh, HUB Raleigh was co-founded and is managed by Forward Impact to harness the entrepreneurial energy of North Carolina’s capital city.  Learn more about HUB Raleigh here.

Think House:  In line with Forward Impact's goal to empower the next generation, Think House is a brand new initiative that will provide an experiential living environment for highly motivated entrepreneurs to live, learn, create, and connect.  The goal? To have 50 Think Houses in 50 cities in 5 years. 

Bull City ForwardWith the mission of “enabling high-impact entrepreneurs to create sustained economic and social impact,”  Forward Impact co-founded Bull City Forward in Durham, NC.    Learn more about Bull City Forward here.

Queen City Forward:  Located in Charlotte, NC, Forward Impact helped to start Queen City Forward as a sister organization to Bull City Forward – helping to harness  the entrepreneurial energy of high-impact entrepreneurs in the Queen City.  Learn more about Queen City Forward here.

Moore Forward:  Forward Impact helps communities develop intentional strategies for building out their entrepreneurial ecosystems.  Forward Impact worked closely with Moore County in North Carolina to help them launch Moore Forward.  Learn more about Moore Forward here.

National Learning Collaborative:  In an effort to accelerate learning and collaboration within and between cities across the U.S. that are trying to build out their respective entrepreneurial ecosystems, Forward Impact is helping launch a national learning collaborative starting with the cities of Durham, New Orleans, Cleveland, and New Orleans.