Developing Change-Making Leaders

Center for Creative Leadership:  A global leadership development organization, CCL is working with Forward Impact to create dynamic learning environments for emerging entrepreneurial leaders in grades K-20.  Learn more about CCL and its work with emerging leaders here.

Leadership exCHANGE:  Co-founded by Forward Impact’s Jason Widen, Leadership exCHANGE is a university-focused leadership and social entrepreneurship development program in Prague, Rome, and Panama,  Leadership exCHANGE is working with Forward Impact to design, deliver, and scale its offerings.  Learn more about Leadership Exchange here.

Datapalooza:  Forward Impact partnered with HUB Raleigh to establish the nation’s first-ever regional DataPalooza in spring 2013. DataPalooza is an open-data competition sponsored by the White House that connects local experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs to relevant, clean data drawn from federal, state, and local resources.  Learn more about the NC Data-palooza here.

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation:  Investing in a network of 61 universities and colleges across the American South to accelerate social entrepreneurship education, the Sullivan Foundation is partnered with Forward Impact to deepen its work through a set of student, faculty, and campus-oriented strategies.  Learn more about Sullivan Foundation’s Social Entrepreneurship Collaborative here.

Life Entrepreneurs: Co-authored by Forward Impact’s CEO, the nationally acclaimed book Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives is now being used by Forward Impact to offer workshops and talks on bringing the entrepreneurial mindset to every facet of life.  Learn more about Life Entrepreneurs here.